Constance Finley

speaker Constance

Founder and CEO, Constance Therapeutics


An entrepreneur, educator and cannabis industry pioneer, Constance Finley founded her eponymous company after discovering cannabis’s medicinal value in managing a rare autoimmune disease with debilitating symptoms. Finding no reputable sources of information or product, Constance used herself as Patient Zero – and has since developed best-in-class, proprietary cannabis extracts and innovative patient-coaching methods that have set the industry standard.

As CEO of Constance Therapeutics, Constance has achieved many other firsts: Pioneering the 4:1 ratio broadly adopted for cancer in the industry, and later the 1:1 ratio now pervasive in the broader industry; leading the first SXSW panel on cannabis; advising local government on cannabis policy; receiving patents for her product extraction process and formulations; and executing global licensing agreements for the Constance Therapeutics brand.

Constance received an MA in Clinical Psychology from USF, and a BA in Clinical Psychology and Eastern Studies from Lone Mountain College. She also completed the graduate coursework in tax law, cost and financial accounting, and finance in the MBA Finance program at Golden Gate University.