Rob Patridge

speaker Rob Patridge

Government Transformation Leader, Deloitte


Rob Patridge is an internationally recognized trailblazer when it comes to regulating, licensing and enforcing the legal sale of cannabis. Patridge currently serves as an advisor to multiple cannabis regulatory agencies in North America both in Canadian and the U.S.

Prior to coming to Deloitte in March of 2017 Rob served as the state of Oregon’s top cannabis regulator, where he set state policy and led the development and implementation of the systems necessary to regulate, monitor, license and oversee their recreational cannabis industry.

In 2015, Patridge was named one of the 12 most influential people in U.S. marijuana policy. In an analysis by Brookings, the author noted, “Patridge’s efforts in these early days of American legalization will likely have a substantial influence on what future marijuana policy looks like in other states.”

Brookings also highlighted Patridge’s success during the regulatory process in gathering input from citizens, patient advocates, marijuana growers, and law enforcement. “In many ways, Patridge and the [Oregon Liquor Control Commission] have set the standard for public inclusion in post-legalization deliberations around the implementation of recreational marijuana.” 

In 2016, Patridge initiated, designed and led the largest expansion of Oregon’s liquor system since prohibition which remains ongoing. The expansion is focused on the expansion of licenses to private retailers including large grocers and small family owned businesses.  During this time Rob was selected as the Chair-Elect of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association.

For two decades, Patridge served the people of Oregon as an elected District Attorney, State Representative, and City Council member. His background as a businessman, lawyer, elected official, and non-profit board member gives him a unique understanding of the political challenges state and local governments face and the importance of building consensus to get things done.

As a Leader with Deloitte Consulting’s Government Transformation Team, Patridge helps clients navigate the organizational challenges inherent in establishing and maintaining new regulatory programs. He also advises clients on how to effectively implement the programs, processes and technology necessary to comply with state laws, regulations and policies.

Patridge holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Willamette University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Willamette University’s College of Law.